Hair and Water

Water is an essential part of all body tissue Including non-essential tissue such as hair.

Approximately 40 liters of water hydrates the body from inside and out!  Research scientists say that individuals drinking 2 liters of quality water per day fulfill more than 10% of the RDI of minerals essential for healthy hair growth – Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. Remember though that water quality can vary in different regions of the U.K.

Water is needed for every system in the body and as large amounts are excreted each day, daily water intake needs to be sufficient to consistently replenish and maintain a healthy water level in bodily functions. As plants need water to grow so does hair! Daily water Intake needs to balance fluid lost in sweat tears and urine. if the intake doesn’t balance fluid loss this can lead to serious health concerns such as dehydration which will have a detrimental effect on healthy hair growth!

The truth is that water and carefully considered hair care keep the hair in good condition! Water is essential for maintaining the hair’s elasticity and stretch. Water helps strengthen hair that is weak or prone to breakage from styling. A clean and healthy scalp supports healthy hair growth!
Frequent Shampooing with clean water and products that don’t contain irritating sulfates and parabens, literally hydrate and cleanse your scalp and hair shafts. Have you ever noticed the increased volume shine and bounce your hair has following its wash? Water molecules are so tiny they can penetrate the hair cuticle layer, adding volume and luster to your locks. Clean hydrated hair shafts reflect light beautifully giving hair a stunning glossy sheen!


Have you heard the fact that scalp oils keep the hair shafts in good condition? Well, that little tale is just one of many myths that circulate in relation to hair care!

Oil molecules produced by the scalp glands are too large to penetrate the hair shaft they can only sit on the surface of the cuticle (outer) layer of the hair.  The sebum produced by the sebaceous glands that surround the hair follicle is sticky. Sebum attracts environmental dust and debris that can clog hair follicles creating an unhealthy scalp and a smelly environment that can have a negative impact on the health of hair follicles, which may cause disruption to the hair growth cycle.

Internally water makes an equally important impression on hair growth and condition!  The healthiest of diet, without water, can only offer limited benefits to hair growth, its strength, and its condition.  Water moistens food and rebalances metabolic processes so that optimal nutrient absorption results when a diverse diet of high-quality protein, key vitamins and minerals, and healthy omega 3 fats are digested.  Nutrients are metabolised along with water into blood and plasma products before they’re transported in the circulation.


The small organic water molecule has a very simple structure in comparison to the nutrients identified above. It’s part of blood and tissue fluid, carrying essential nutrients into and around the cells that develop into the hair cells that are the 2nd fastest developing cells in the human body!


Water is the most abundant lubricant in the body and your hair can’t grow to its full potential without it!
Quality of water is important too! Consider filtering your water to reduce contamination of mineral overload from hard water passing through old copper water pipes…  if you don’t your body will have to purify it for you!


Water, Helps flush out toxins and waste products via the liver and maintains homeostasis and body temperature.

Water is more important than food which humans can survive without for weeks. For mankind, water is vital, mankind really can’t function without it!

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