Here’re some ideas for how to tweak your hair care regimen during lockdown or isolation to support your desire to keep the hair you have:

1. Brush your hair every day – this is the most effective way of managing natural daily hair loss of approximately 50 – 100 hairs.

2. Exfoliate your scalp once a fortnight to loosen dead skin cells or flakes before you cleanse. My favourite scalp purifying treatment is Mediceuticals TheraRx.

3 Massage your scalp with your head upside down for 2 or 3 minutes with your fingertips before you cleanse your scalp – this helps stimulate circulation and blood supply around the hair roots. You might also like to move the brush across your scalp with small circular movements. Make sure you use a hairbrush with rounded pins for this so that you protect your scalp and hair from scratching.

4. Cleanse your hair and scalp daily or at least every other day.  A clean healthy scalp provides the best environment for actively growing hair follicles – try not to miss hair wash sessions, perspiration and natural scalp oils can block hair follicles.

5. If you have long hair apply a pre-shampoo conditioner once a week to mid-lengths and ends of hair before you cleanse your scalp. The pre-shampoo conditioner can be rinsed away with shampoo.

6. Give your hair a rest from heated appliances but If you leave your hair to dry naturally make sure it’s thoroughly dry before you go out in cold weather or put your head on the pillow for the night. Sleeping with wet hair can increase the risk of getting a fungal/yeast infection that may turn into dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis.

7. Take time to sleep for at least 8 hours in one stretch. Relax with deep breathing and stretching when you wake, repeat regularly throughout the day. Listen to music, pray or meditate and identify things you are grateful for to relieve the stress.

Above all else guard your heart for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4: 23

Keep well, stay at home, and stop the spread!

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