Blood Tests for Hair Loss

If you’re suffering from hair loss looking at your blood chemistries can be a very helpful method for investigating for the cause of your concern. The imbalance of components in the bloodstream and plasma prevents the circulation from delivering vital nutrients and oxygen to cells from head to toe. An optimal balance of blood products is crucial for healthy hair cell development and follicle growth. When the roots of the hair, which are surrounded by blood vessels are deprived of oxygen or nutrients, or if they’re assaulted by toxic elements that interfere with blood flow they begin to weaken – this can interrupt the natural hair growth cycle.

Blood works are also a helpful tool for identifying the kind of support your body needs to specifically target and correct hair loss as a symptom of unidentified or underlying ill-health. 

If advised blood works are included as recommendations in a bespoke treatment plan and may be used to investigate whether hair loss is a symptom of:

Depleted energy levels


Toxic Heavy Metals

Hormonal imbalance

Autoimmune concern

Nutritional imbalance

All blood works I recommend, if carried out, are followed up with a full explanation.

I can provide you with a Dr referral letter if you would like to discuss having the blood tests through the NHS with your GP or consultant.  Alternatively, I’m registered with Medichecks and BioLab Medical Unit London UK as a hair loss specialist. Both labs offer private blood testing kits by post, giving you the option of having the sample taken at a local venue by a phlebotomist or with full instructions for self-testing by finger prick method.

Blood Chemistry results in the normal ranges normally tell a doctor whether your health is in keeping with general population averages for health.  Although normal ranges are believed to be sufficient for physical health, they can indicate a deficiency in components essential for healthy hair cell development and the optimal function of the growth cycle.

I can help you identify the kind of support your body needs to specifically target and correct hair loss.




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