Cruelty Free Hair Care

UK cosmetics industry banned animal testing in 1997 – It was voluntarily agreed industry-wide that all licenses for testing cosmetic products on animals were to be withdrawn. This example set by the UK was adopted 7 years later by an EU wide ban. All cosmetics sold in the EU now make the same claim.

As the UK move’s on with a view for World trade, it will be interesting to see in time whether our respected ranking as an international trader will influence legislation in other continents as it has in Europe.

Should ‘not tested on animals’ be a claim on hair and skin care products, after Brexit?

The main grey area with this question relates to chemical ingredients that are added to cosmetics used in other industries that aren’t bound by the no animal testing license.  There are also some chemical ingredients added to cosmetics, that are manufactured in other countries that do not adhere to the animal-friendly ideology.

New California Law Will Ban Sale of Cosmetics Tested on Animals.

Starting Jan. 1, 2020, it will be unlawful…..

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