Hair Loss and Self Esteem

Characteristics of a patient suffering hair loss are generally embarrassment, loss of self-esteem, anxiety, depression & mental health issues.  Symptoms that generally lend themselves to individuals seeking help from their GP.  A survey carried out within the NHS provided statistics of 12 million complaints of hair loss or thinning in one 12 month period, 8 million of those counted were women.  GPs mainly focus on general health, whereas a trichologist is medically trained to diagnose and treat numerous kinds of hair & scalp health concerns.

If you suspect that the hair loss is having an impact on your state of mind you might like to consider finding a qualified trichologist to investigate your concerns with you.    A trichologist also offers patient support on how to correct and/or self-manage their problem, or provide a written referral to a medical professional if there appears to be a threat to general health.

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