Tips for how to maintain the health of your hair on holiday.

How to bring out the best in your hair when on holiday

Humidity can cause your scalp to perspire excessively. Thoroughly cleanse your scalp and hair daily with gentle products that are free from irritating paraben and SLS chemicals. Hydrate the mid-lengths and ends of your hair every time you cleanse.

Give your hair a rest from controlled styling with straightening irons and hairdryer… Let it air dry!

Beach time can turn your scalp into an unhealthy environment for hair growth. Remove grains of sand trapped in the roots of your hair exfoliate your scalp at least once while on holiday and again when you arrive home.

Protect your hair from dehydration caused by the sun and salty and chlorinated water especially if chemically treated. The depth of colour and tones will quickly be distorted if not covered. Wear a hat, apply a lightweight leave-in conditioner, or organic hair oil to hair before you go into the sun.

Protect your scalp and hairline from sunburn, a hat is the best way. If you don’t like wearing a hat avoid the use of sunscreen products on your forehead and face that contain chemicals that can be absorbed by the skin such as avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, and ecamsule – the most common UV filters used in chemical sunscreens!  All products containing these ingredients are banned in Hawaii because they cause coral reef bleaching. They’re also suspected to be the cause of hormone imbalance in some humans. Researchers have found traces of the active chemical ingredients in the user’s circulation days after use has stopped. Click here for more information.I prefer mineral sunscreen with the active ingredients of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Sun cream for facial skin should have a minimum SPF 30 4- or 5-star UVA rating. Take care not to rub the cream into your hairline!

I’m Caroline Reeve an accredited Trichologist if you would like advice or answers to any questions about concerns with your hair follow the link to my website contacts page.

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